# Gateway Intents


The high volume of requests regarding recent API changes have made a change necessary here. This is a makeshift placeholder based around current knowledge until we can invest resources to properly rewrite the section on intents.

We are sorry for any confusion or inconvenience our previous explanations might have caused for developers and discord staff! We are doing our best to update information as it becomes available.


Privileged intents and what they mean for you
❯ If you are on version 11 or earlier
• Update. We no longer provide support for or add features and bug fixes to version 11.

❯ Which intents are privileged, which do I need?
GUILD_MEMBERS | guildMemberAdd, guildMemberRemove, guildMemberUpdate
GUILD_PRESENCES | presenceUpdate, knowledge about peoples activities and client status
• If your bot does not need this information to provide its functionality, please do not request it.

❯ How can I do things without these events?
• Try to design your commands so they do not require this information
• Fetch member data by ID as you need it <Guild>.members.fetch("id")
• You have GUILD_MEMBERS: consider fetching members periodically, for the initial operation on boot you can consider using the client option fetchAllMembers (note: this will heavily increase memory usage)

❯ A) Your bot is verified
• You need to reach out to discord support R3 in order for intents to be enabled
• Please include a use case sample as to why you need that intent into your request
• Read R1, it explains the whole procedure and requirements

❯ B) Your bot is not verified
• You can switch the intent toggles in the developer dashboard's "bot" section R2
• You should still consider designing your commands to not require privileged intents where ever possible

❯ Symptoms you might be experiencing right now:
• member caches are empty (or only have very few entries)
• user cache is empty (or has only very few entries)
• fetching members times out
• all members appear to be offline
• login times out if you try to fetch all members on startup
• The client events "guildMemberAdd", "guildMemberRemove", "guildMemberUpdate" do not emit
Guild#memberCount returns count as of ready

❯ Resources
R1 Discords FAQ: https://dis.gd/gwupdate
R2 Discord Developer Portal: https://discord.com/developers/applications
R3 Discord Support: https://dis.gd/contact