Requesting more content

Since this guide is made specifically for the discord.js community, we want to be sure to provide the most relevant and up-to-date content. We will, of course, make additions to the current pages and add new ones as we see fit, but fulfilling requests is how we know we're providing content you all want the most.

Requests may be as simple as "add an example to the frequently asked questions page", or as elaborate as "add a page regarding sharding". We'll do our best to fulfill all requests, as long as they're reasonable.

To make a request, simply head over to the repo's issue trackeropen in new window and create a new issueopen in new window! Title it appropriately, and let us know exactly what you mean inside the issue description. Make sure that you've looked around the site before making a request; what you want to request might already exist!


Remember that you can always fork the repoopen in new window and make a pull requestopen in new window if you want to add anything to the guide yourself!